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FC3 Linux install fails - Home not .found ... Define messengerHome

On Fedora Core 3 I tried installing the current tarball with

current Sun Java 1.5. When messenger is started as a service using the supplied

script, the webserver starts but install hangs with the message:

Home not found. Define system property “messengerHome” or create and add the

messenger_init.xml file to the classpath

When started as root (generally dangerous and discouraged) it works.

I see this problem discussed in the forum but did not see an answer.

…Ah. OK - found the problem by reading /home/jive/nohup.out

Normal *nix good administrative practice is to install software as root but to

run services at reduced privilege to reduce the risk should an exploit be found. Messenger will not run like that - arguably a potential security problem;

services should not have write access to their own code.

To run as a service using the supplied bin/extra/jive-messengerd

do the following:

chown -R jive.jive /opt/jive_messenger/conf /opt/jive_messenger/log

chown jive.jive /opt/jive_messenger

answered myself before I finished posting