[FEATURE] Allow to add groups in room permissions

Currently Fastpath 4.1.0 allows to grant specific permissions to the room to only users accounts only. Would be handy if that can be extended to cover groups as well.

Can you explain more where do you want to add groups? Are you speaking about agents in the queue?

No no, queues are fine, they take groups, or single agents. What am I talking about is Group Chat > [Room] > Room Options > User Permissions. It will take any correct JID but will evaluate against actual user’s JID only, and if JID you gave permissions was a group and user is a member of that group these permissions will not affect user (I have screen shot but can not attach).

I see, then it’s OF-179. But this is not related to Fastpath.

Indeed you right, it is no Fastpath related although I experienced it during extensive tests with Fastpath. Moved to Openfire Support.