Feature Idea: download spark plugins from wildfire server

I think it would be pretty neat if Jive combined XEP-0030 (Service Discovery) or maybe XEP-0050 (Ad-Hoc Commands) with XEP-0096 (File Transfer) to discover plugins and download the JARs directly from Wildfire.

This could be implemented as a Wildfire Plugin and component. It would be a great way for a Wildfire admin to deploy or push new plugins or new plugin versions to all the users, or on a group-by-group basis. For example, deploy the FastPath plugin to the Sales/Support team, but not the Engineering team, etc.

I think the time is ripe for many XEP mashups. The open plugin model for Wildfire and Spark will provide a platform for creativity and growth. Keep up the good work!

Great feature idea! It would also be very useful for companies that develop their own Sparkplugs for company-specific functionality.



I second this! It would also be great if the spark client would only accept plugins from the wildfire server so that we can control which plugin’'s are allowed on our network.