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Feature Idea: presence servlet


I recently created a new issue for a presence servlet:


I got the idea after seeing AOL’'s service for this:


Try it yourself by replacing the tokens – it’'s pretty slick and should be very easy to implement.

Please comment on the Jira issue if anyone has ideas or suggestions. Anyone interested in developing this?



So, I would recommend that we implement this as a WAR that can be deployed as both a plugin and a normal WAR in an app-server. When deployed as a plugin, it will provide the simple webservice as a specific URL in Jive Messenger such as:


When deployed as a normal WAR file in an app-server, it will act as a proxy to connect to the plugin inside Messenger. It would probably ask you for the URL to the messenger service the first time you run it. This would work around firewall issues. I don’'t think we could just implement it as a WAR since the plugin will need access to the internal state of Messenger to get presence information.