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Feature Request - Active Directory + Multiple Jabber Servers

I am running an OpenFire deployment across three diffrent geographical locations with each location having a sizable user base (>1000). We have diffrent OUs, depcting the various locations and each location has an Openfire server with its LDAP base set to the top of the location OU. This setup works to conserve the bandwidth usage over the WAN links. Now the issue is that the user directory for each server (Search) will only list the users available in the same server and not across the three servers. But we would like to have all the users search across all the servers irrespective of location

Is there any workaround for this (like pointing the search plugins DN to a higher container) or is a similar feature planned in the near future?? Since this feature is not available the company is looking into other products that has this feature??

Thanks in Advance

You can use search. to search some other location. If you want to include all three in a single search, that could be solved client-side (if you have the development power for that).

Maybe there is an easier solution, though.

I have the same issue. I requested a feature in Spark that allows the search server configuration to be stored (so you can add the 3 locations/servers).

We’'re going to auto config the client, and just put up with having to choose the correct search service manually.