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Feature Request : Add Right Click Option On User List

I know there is no active development on Spark, sadly, but I was wondering how hard it would be to add a right click option to the User List.

I want to be able to Right Click on a username and choose Start UltraVNC Session.

I have all of the Workstations configured to useHostnameAsResource=true.
And UltraVNC can be launched with the command line:
%:\programfiles%\UltraVNC\vncviewer.exe" hostname

So if there is a way to have the client replace hostname with the actual hostname of the computer in question, then launch UVNC with the correct arguments.

I’m no programmer, so I cannot do this myself or I would. This would be an extremely useful feature for IT personnel. At least in places that use Spark.
If anyone know what files to edit in the source, and maybe even a good resource to look at for some basic java programming lessons. Or even can point me to the right files and what to add to them. Then I will just have to figure out how to compile the thing. lol

I have looked at other clients and none of them have this feature that I have seen. I really think this would be fantastic, but has been over looked so far.