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Feature Request.. Auto reconnect without prompt

When Jive looses it’‘s network connection, it should try to reconnect with out prompt a dialog box. I’‘m running on a wireless network that occasionally get’‘s confused and I look connectivity for a few seconds. If I don’'t see the dialog or hit yes in the dialog too soon, Jive closes and I loose out on being connected.


agreed, not infinite auto-reconnect maybe.

And this dialog to Login Again in 1.0.0 version should login automaticly after pressing OK. Now it takes to login window and unchecks Auto Login checkbox.

Thanks for the feature request. I would agree this is definitely needed.

I agree that this is a must needed feature too. By the way…Spark is the best jabber client i’'ve used yet!

not yet the best, but it has a good layout/design and progressing daily