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Feature Request Button

Id like to see a “feature request” button on the fourms. So users can mark a post a discussion about a new feature request or something. Then the JIRA admins could mark it as “accepted” or “rejected” so the community knows the status of the requests.

I just thought of a “create JIRA issue button”, but a “Feature Request” and a “Bug Request” button would be fine, both should lead to a JIRA issue.

The forum admin should get a sorted web page where one can see all requests, e.g.

[code]| Title | Feature | Bug | |/code[/b][code]| Feature Request Button | 2 | 0 | (create issue) |

| Wifi does not start | 0 | 1 | (create issue) |/code


OT: Hey! Why dont anyone announced about this new Forum in News Forum? It’’ on the bottom of the page and you were lucky that i’'ve finally noticed it