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Feature Request: Collaborative Features

  1. Whiteboard. Users can draw on a shared whiteboard.

  2. Application screen sharing. Users can share an application, take control if granted access.

  3. Scheduled MUC’'s. Create a scheduled MUC. All recipients get an email when it is about to start.


this one is funny: “3. … All recipients get an email”. I hope you mean “IM” and not “email”

There was a survey a few days ago, called “Ultimate Group Chat”. I totally agree that collaborative features would be more than nice to have.

But 1. and 2. have like Voice/Video over IP nearly nothing to do with “Instant Messaging” so I personally wonder whether they will be implemented.


actually i did mean email. I use spark from my intranet. So if i invited say ten people to a MUC at a certain time. I would like the server to send an email to them 15mins before the time with a link to join the MUC. If they are logged on to spark at the time then they should get an instant message instead.

But I agree with you about voice and video. That would be a killer app. Microsoft is attacking hard with their live messenger stuff because it ties in closely with all their office products and includes video and voice etc. It’‘s is nicely intergrated into sharepoint server and also outlook. So it’'s going to be hard to try and compete with that.

Although I guess it must be quite expensive. I am trying to get Government adoption of spark by intergrating it with our intranet. The more features these guys put in, the easier it is for me to sell it to the IT director.