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Feature request: entire group selection

The issue of selecting contacts from multiple groups has been fix, and this is fabulous, however i still can’'t select entire groups to broadcast to. We use IM(Exodus) to broadcast events,sales,announcements, etc, but the broadcast to “all” feature in openfire is too broad.

If i try to roll out spark to everyone and they can’‘t do wide broadcasts, i’'ll be beaten with sticks.


yeah, we need this too


can someone make this an issue for me?

I’'m also interested in adding support for “Subject”: in broadcasts… at the very least not ignoring it if receiving broadcasts form a client that lets you include one


Have you seen Spark’‘s built in Broadcast option in latest version? I mean not in context menu of contacts, but in Spark’‘s menu. You can choose groups or single contacts in there. It’'s a nice improvement.

oooh nice!

have you tried resizing the broadcast window? it goes haywire on me.

Yeah. It gets out of bounds. Have just reported this: http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=27739