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Feature Request for Content Filter Plugin

I’ve just started a new job, and they handed me a difficult problem.

  1. My users receive a very large number of IM’s which contain stock ticker symbols. I need to filter these with logic something like this:

if sender = sender1 OR sender2 OR sender3

if $keyword1 forward to userlist1

if $keyword2 forward to userlist2

lather, rinse, repeat

delete message

  1. When a user receives one of these messages, it needs to pop on the screen with an audible alert.

  2. If a user replies to one of these messages, all follow-on messages need to get through, with or without the keyword. This leads me to ask: Am I correct that there is no mechanism for understanding the state of a message (whether it’s a “reply to previous message” or not)?

  3. The only approach I can think of is to have the incoming messages be addressed to a generic chat “user” on our end, filter them by keyword, and forward them from the generic account to the appropriate userlist(s). Then if they need to reply to a message, it will originate from their personal account instead of the generic account. I’d then filter inbound messages to the generic user, not to the individual users.

I hope I’ve clearly explained what I need to do; please let me know if more information is needed. And yes, we have an Enterprise license! Feel free to contact me via email or phone; I assume Ignite people will have access to my profile information.



Dennis, what exactly is generating the IMs in the first place? It sounds to me like Fastpath (Fastpath Proper howto?) might work better for you than the Content Filter plugin.

  • Rob

The IM’s are coming from AIM users outside our company through the IM Gateway in our Openfire server.

Fastpath might indeed be a better tool. I’ll do some more in-depth reading. The question I immadiately have is, is it possible to take messages coming in from specific AIM user ID’s, and/or addressed to specific user ID’s, and put them into the workgroup routing queue? If so, FastPath looks like a possible solution.

I should probably add that inbound messages from the same AIM userid might need to be routed to different workgroup queues at nearly the same time.