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Feature Request : Full support for XEP-0277 Microblogging

Hi all

I was facing some problems with jappix microblog system running on openfire server . I did a little googleing and came up with this jappix discussion link :

valeriansaliou : "The reason is that Openfire support of this feature is only partial. We choose not to bother to adapt to legacy implementations.

Please use Metronome if you need to get it to work. Build should work as on our doc."

I really love working with openfire , how can i check if this feature will be in new releases?

I don’t understand the real problem here. After a brief glance to XEP-0277 it seems it’s just a variant of PubSub, or better a definition for the payload and therefore a client feature.

PubSub is supported by Openfire, albeit in an old version. Maybe this is meant by “partial”?

You may want to watchhttps://igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/OF-25 OF-25

Do you know what’s lacking, so maybe we can add a sub-task?

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Thanks for your reply

I am a simple user and I have no technical information about XMPP in details .

My problems are similar to that link I’ve sent :

I have the latest versions of openfire and jappix installed .

In microblogging , when I update my status , it rewrites the first one over (overwrites) and no matter how much I update “Whats up with you” , I only have one in the feed . Also I am not able to see my own status on the feed . Only other friends can see it .

The other problem is when anyone comment on any of blog status , no notification to to user is shown (real time notifications) until he logges out and in again , after relogin all the notifications comes all together .

As my issues was the same as that discussion in jappix , I got the answer of “valeriansaliou” in that discussion as a reply to myself and i decided to open a discussion here to see if there will be any feature support for this in openfire .