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Feature request: https for admin console

I think the admin console ought to have https capability (unless I’‘m missing some tweak that makes it available in the current release). Running a server on remote Linux machines isn’'t conducive to pointing a browser at localhost, and I hate exposing a password every time I want to administer something.

I attempted to use stunnel to wrap the plain http, but the fact that you then need to specify https screws with the URLs and the web app doesn’'t deal gracefully. I suppose I could set up some more robust proxying scenario with URL rewrites, but enh…

Seems like it shouldn’‘t be too hard to implement, considering there’'s already an ssl framework included.

Thanks for the feature request. I created the issue JM-178 for this new feature.


– Gato

I thought this was a good idea so added support for it today. It’'s now in CVS and will be in the 2.1.2 release. A new property adminConsole.securePort can be set in the XML file. The default value is 9091. The same cert and settings used for XMPP SSL connections will be used for the admin console SSL support.



Same day service… that’'s totally hot.


Yes:) Jive Team is great:) and you can even chat in real time with them every wednesday!:slight_smile:

Check this: http://www.jivesoftware.org/forums/ann.jspa?annID=1

maybe silly question, but i cant connect to AC with 9091 port specified. Firefox proposes to download something(some stream) instead. Should i use SSL in order to connect to AC with https?

i’'m using JM on linux, latest build (2005-02-27).

Hey wroot,

Yep. You should use https when using port 9091.


– Gato

OMG, so stupid can i be:) I have totally forgoten about this httpS in address bar, heh. Thanks:)