[Feature request] Hyperlink of an URL if broadcasted by the admin using the broadcast plugin

In some cases i sent some notification to all users from the openfire server backend using the broadcast plugin. If i sent a URL as part of my message, users can’t click on it because it’s not an active hyperlink. (See the attached pic).

Spark displays the notification in a Pop-Up where the URL is not clickable. This is not very user friendly and causes people to typewrite the URL into their webbrowser. I would love to see this fixed :slight_smile:

I have filed this as [SPARK-1559] Add URL support to server broadcast dialog - IgniteRealtime JIRA . Not sure when and who will take a look at this. You can send broadcasts from Spark (then it will be sent from you, not from the server though). Then it will be shown as a regular message and URLs should work.

Thanks for filing the ticket. Broadcasting my message using spark is not an option in this particular case. Looking forward to see this integrated/fixed :slight_smile:

Only three years later we have a fix for this Alexander did the initial patch and i have fixed visuals a bit. This is available since 844 build (will be in the future 2.8.0 release) Ignite Realtime: Spark Nightly Builds