Feature Request: Quiet Reconnect

I have Spark on a few machines connected wirelessly. The Wireless connectivity has some issues and every so often the network will drop out for several seconds. It would be perfect if Spark was smart enough to reconnect once the network is back without having to bother my non-computer saavy users! In addition to their lack of overall PC knowledge, they’'re not always at the machine, leaving them unavailable for messages.

Hi cam815,

This is currently scheduled for the 1.1.1 release due out in early March. I would have loved to try and get this into the 1.1 release on Feb. 7th, but there really is just too little time to do it correctly.



Thanks I will be looking forward to it!

I’‘m getting quite a few complaints because of this! It apparently wasn’'t fixed in 1.1.1, so each time I need to trim some value in wildfire.xml and restart, ALL[/b] my clients have to acknowledge thay by clicking a button argh

SPARK-14 and the duplicate SPARK-48

This is bugging me now whenever there’‘s a server restart or network problem and the clients disconnect, the Auto Login box get cleared so they don’'t log in next time.

I know a bug has been raised but can you advise on when it’'s due to be addresses?