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Feature request: retain window position between close/open

On macos, it would be nice if Spark remember it’s position on my screen inbetween restarts.

Yahoo IM client always opens in the upper-left of my screen, however Spark doesn’t retain it’s last position, and opens in the middle of my screen.

I know it’s trivial to move it over, but annoying after every day (enough to where I registered here!).

Well. Spark remembers its position between restarts on Windows (and as i recall on Ubuntu), so the problem could be solely when running on Mac, and we dont have Mac developers here, so i won’t be hoping for this to be fixed soon.

Thanks for the response – I’d be happy to test it, if I knew more about the code, what it was written in I could try to look up how to do that on MacOS.

Code is written in java. Could you test the latest SVN version and confirm that this issue is still present? Then i would at least file it in the bug tracker.

SVN: http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/source.jsp

If you can’t compile it yourself, then you can try one of the attached installers here http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1822 Probably jar ones.

I don’t see a .dmg file for mac. (I may not be the right guy to work on this issue)

Well, jar installer works on Linux (if Java is installed), so i thought this should work on Mac too, but i really don’t have much experience with Macs.

Semi related to this – Layout.Settings appears to get corrupted randomly on a lot of our machines, and the only way to view any screens is to maximize the window, or, close spark, and delete layout.settings in %userprofile%\application data\spark\

I can’t figure out to reproduce this issue though.