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Feature Request: Screen Sharing

I wasn’'t sure where to post a future possibly/feature request, etc.

It would be nice to be able to allow “screen sharing” in a similar vein as webex, for both point to point and conference rooms.

I’‘m going to second this. Quite often when I’'m working with our team here we have to pop open a VNC window so I can really see and control what is happening. An integrated desktop/application sharing would be nice.

Thirding this request

I use the red5 plugin to do screen sharing.

I use the VH Screen Capture Driver instead of a real webcam and red5 will publish my desktop or specific application to all subscribers.

Now that there is interest in this feature, I will add it to the next release of the red5 Sparkplug.


As i’'ve not played with the red5 plugin, logic would suggest both people would need it installed, correct?

Both users would need to install the screen capture webcam as well as a new version of the red5 sparkplug. The red5 plugin would also be needed on the openfire server.


My vote for this feature as well.

If it would be possible to share the screen to multiple contacts it would be wonderful

I also vote for this feature.

Has there been any further discussion/progress on this request? I am attempting to replace Sametime with Openfire, but the lack of screensharing is a big hurdle … any news would be welcomed.

I have this on my todo list!

At the moment I work on sip video support and

change the library from “Java Media Framework (JMF)” to “Freedom For Media in Java (FMJ)”.

yes it would be very great to be able to sharing desktop, specialy trough spark client. an also able to voice/video converence.

I’m using openfire and spark client almost 2 years now, and I’m very happy (all users are happy using it). at my office it is very helping poeple contact others not by phone. openfire and spark is very great. Sadly my bos not appreciate this at all, and it will grounded as son as OCS go to production. So Guys i’m waiting for great improvement like Red 5 do. Great job Dele.

Hi, Again. I was working overnigth, I was curious to red5 that Dele develop. and yes it runing at my openfire after upgrading to OF 3.6.3. i’m using Red5 version 0.1.11, after copy the red5-plugin.jar to several clients, some clients can’t run it wel. that clients are using windows 7 and vista. Red 5 also using openmeeting that i was going to try. Dele great Job man, salut…

Sory for my bad english, its not my native

Any new progress here, especially any How To guides if screen sharing has been implemented?

I have it working with no problems.

Read the installation readme -->http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins-beta/red5/readme.html

Download Red 5 from -->http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins-beta.jsp


Copy the red5.war file to the server (C:\Program Files\Openfire\plugins)

Restart the service or the restart the application on your server. The logon to the Openfire Administration Console.

Test page: C:\Program Files\Openfire\plugins\red5\red5.html

Configuration Red 5 in Openfire

  • From the Openfire Administration Console, click on ‘Server’ and then click on ‘Red5 properties’.

Configuration (Spark)

  • From the server copy the file (C:\Program Files\Openfire\plugins\red5\spark\red5-plugin.jar) to the Spark IM clients Spark plugins folder (C:\Program Files\Spark\plugins).Restart Spark IM Client.There should now be a entry labelled “Red5” on the main menu. There should be three new menu items when you right click on a roster contact. See below for details

Configuration (SparkWeb)

  • Edit index.html and change the jive_sparkweb_getConfig settings to match your configuration. If you want the SIP Phone to use RTMPT (tunnel RTMP over HTTP), change the red5url parameter from “rtmp:/sip” to “rtmpt::8000/sip”

Helpful Doc: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1518