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Feature Request: tabbed chat windows + main window, all in a single window

Just a friendly suggestion: it would be great if the main Spark window and the tabbed chat window were just in a single (larger) window, instead of two.

For me to chat with someone, I have to first click the Spark icon in my Windows system tray, then I click on a user to chat with, then the new tabbed chat window opens. Then when I’'m done with the chat, I have two windows to close (to keep my task bar clean).

Ideally (for me, at any rate ), if the tabbed chatting took place in the main Spark window, when I’'m done chatting, I have just one window to close, instead of two.

I believe that would mark Spark more usable.

Thanks for listening,


Thanks David for the post. So community call out . What do people feel about this as a feature?



I like it, but I think a user should have the option to switch between the two modes.

Caleb’'s suggestion to provide an option to switch between the two modes sounds great to me.

And i propose three-modes switching. I really dont like tabs or single window in IM. I need a single window for every chat and for roster of course

I really like the tabbed windowing. I think it keeps the interface cleaner because you don’'t have all these chat windows all over your screen.

Hey, i’‘m really not trying to seduce you with windowed mode There is no sense in arguing about tastes. I like it to be windowed and i (nor probably my users) wount use Spark until it doesnt have separate windows for every chat. So i’'m only asking for an option to select mode which you prefer. Dont know is it really hard to implement?

Ok. So like the author of this thread i’'ll give my example. You are talking with say 3 people in Spark. Then you end chating with one of them so you want to move this window away. You hit close button, but Tabbed window is still there and you have to minimize it too (two clicks ). Ok. You have minimized it but now you want to talk with second chater. In windowed mode i can just select proper window in taskbar. But now i have to get back to tabbed window and select proper tab. Two clicks instead of one again

Hi wroot,

may I ask how large your taskbar is? I prefer to have only one chat window in the taskbar, usually “X…” is displayed in my small taskbar so I see only the first character of the ones I’'m talking to.

It should be possible to display the avatar (if any) for each conversation window and not the Spark icon in the taskbar.


I definitely like the idea of having the main window and all chat windows in one tabbed window.

Question about it: Right now, the main window minimizes to the system tray when you hit the X. If the main window and all the chats are in 1 window, could it still minimize to the system tray or would it have to close all together if you hit the X? Also, if it’'s possible to minimize to the tray, would the chats stay active and still play the incoming message sound (if that option is set)?

Dido on the option to choose between the two settings


Usually my taskbar is at default size, at work i have doubled it (too many quicklaunch icons). When there are not many windows opened i can see even whole name of person i’‘m chating with in taskbar window. Sometime it’'s even easy to distinguish only seeing the first letter or status icon. Furthermore if someone is starting chating with you, you dont have to go to tabbed window and then select a tab. In windowed mode you can just select flashing window in taskbar.

Exodus, ICQ, MSN, Psi, neos, Skype etc. All of them as i remember have windowed modes, it’'s a classic mode As i said before there could/should be three mode switching (one window, roster + tabbed chat, windowed mode). The more modes the more flexibility and more happy users