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Feature Request

First off, let me say KUDOS to all the developers on this project. You have done a great job thus far.

I have a couple feature requests for the SPARK client.

  1. Broadcast Message to group: Allow select or de-select users from within group to message.

  2. When broadcasting a message, allow two types of messages:

a) Normal message that pops up in a normal chat screen to all selected users/groups.

b) Alert Notification. This would pop up similar to MSN chat in the taskbar (for windows users). Possibly a counter for how long message would remain displayed.

Also, for the alert notification specifically allow the message to be displayed even when an RDP session is in full screen on the clients desktop. These features together would be extremely valuable to enterprise companies.


Thank you so much for your ideas. I like them a lot :). As such, I have filed this as a New Feature for the 1.1 release. You can track it with SPARK-110. Hope you enjoy the feature.