Feature to move users from one group roster to another

Is there a way of doing this already?

We’‘re in a univ environment where we’'d like to create roster groups for students based on sections they are in and like the ability to easily move users from one group to another if needed.

Also group-related…is it possible to have a user be a member of two different roster groups? I’‘ve successfully added the same user to two seperate roster groups but they weren’'t able to login afterwards in version 2.1.3. In 2.1.5 it seems to work though. Is this intended to work?

You should be able to have people belong to multiple groups. There’'s not a move feature, but you can remove the user from one group and add them to another.



Thanks for the quick reply.

Might it be a reasonable request to have the ability to move users from one roster to another to cut out the extra steps or this too nit-picky?

The main reason I’'d be hesitant to implement “move” for a user in a group is that it would imply that a user can only belong to a single group at once. However, maybe there are some other UI things we could do to help make managing groups easier. For example, show the groups a user belongs to from the user pages.


That sounds like a super idea if it would also work w/ LDAP users. Thanks again for the help.