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Features missing for some users?


Some users have emoticons and spellcheck and options to change notifications and sounds in the preferences and some do not. I don’'t see any reason for this. (like some users have more permissions than others, etc)

I’'m running Wildfire 3.2.3 and Spark 2.0.8. All windows environment, plus a terminal server.

Any ideas?



Hi Nat,

do you see errors in the logs/error.log file of the users which miss some options?


No, nothing in the error logs at all.

It’‘s almost like it’‘s intentional, using some admin setting to control the Spark UI, but I have not done that…if it’'s even possible.

I mean, I’'m the admin, and my features are missing!!! I did not have this issue during my tests… Should I be trying to update to the betas?

oldhat wrote:

I mean, I’'m the admin

You mean you are running with user with administrator rights? Because with 2.5.0 Betas you ahve to launch Spark with admin rights once and only then with current limited user. Because it wount work normally if you wount do that. No emoticons bar, no appearance menu.

Hi Oleg,

I always use a normal user and the online installer exe without any problems, even with 2.5-b4 and I see only little problems (It seems that the installer fails to install some JMF files).

You should have a folder “%USERPROFILE%\Spark” on every computer, it may help to backup and then delete the content it there are some bogus entries in a configuration file. There are also the chat logs stored so you should make a backup and restore at least the chat logs if this helps.


Sorry, this an issue for ONLY users on my Windows 2000 Terminal Server box. LAN users are just fine. So this is just a TS issue!

Each TS user does have a %USERPROFILE%\spark folder, so 20 users, 20 spark folders, one for each user. So what should in in these folders? Because there is not a plugins folder in here for each user. Is that normal? I’'ve given each user RW access to the Programs Files\Spark folder as well, but no good.

Is there some TS documentation or guidelines or threads that I’‘m missing? I mean, I like the idea of being able to limit what users get with Spark on the TS (like a good admin!) but I’'d like to figure out how to do it.

So far, this is a great project, mad props to all involved…now just to get mgt to buy into the corporate version…yeah right…