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Federation with AIM

Is there a guide to setting up Federation with AIM so that users of AIM service can talk chat directly with users on our openfire instance? Kraken works as a single sign on tool in that users can connect to their AIM account via our openfire server, but I noticed that Kraken doesn’t support file transfers. If I’m logged into my AIM account via an AIM gateway (Kraken) on our openfire server, I can chat with other AIM users, but file transfers don’t work. Is this normal? They only work with Xmpp accounts on our own openfire server. I can’t find a guide to Federate with AIM and Federation looks like the most elegant solution. I’ve found guides for google federation: http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/talk/lRq618Y-lP0, but google is XMPP and AIM is not. Anyone have experience with this?