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Feedback about outgoing file transfers status

How can I find when the user that I’'m sending a file stop the file transfer?

I use the follow pattern:

while(!outgoingFileTransfer.isDone()) {

// updating a progress bar widget

// get some sleep a little


// get the status and give appropriate feedback

The bad luck it’‘s that the file transfer isn’'t done when the receiver cancel a previously started transfer.

When i receive a file, that piece of code works fine…

What’'s wrong here or what is the work-around needed to make things happen?


P.S.: I test my Jabber client using Spark for receive the file; it’‘s there any problem? Because I’'ve seen that the IQ.set packet is send by Spark after that the file transfer requestor close the file transfer.

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The problem is mostly at the protocol level. There is no provision after the initial file transfer negotiation to “cancel” a file transfer, so the local client is forced to make a best guess that the file transfer has ended - an arbitrary timeout or something along those lines.



I think that the file transfer process status must reflect in a straight way that the transfer it’'s finished; I found isDone() as a formula that reflect a successfully ending of a file transfer.

I’'m think about that the API must reflect transfer status for outgoing file transfer in same manner as incoming file transfer…