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Feedback on group functionality requested: Do you use 'admin' functionality?

Openfire allows its users to collected in ‘groups’. These groups can then be used for a number of purposes. A common use-case is to enable ‘group sharing’, which allows all members of a group to automatically be added to the roster (contact list) of other users.

We are considering to simplify the definition of these groups. Currently, a group has two types of users: members and administrators. As far as we can tell, this distinction is never used. We are therefor thinking of removing it (as tracked in [OF-2388] Drop concept of group 'administrators' - Ignite Realtime Jira).

I’m looking for feedback of people that would be affected by this change (as I assume there are none, to little). Do you use this distinction? Please get in touch!

PLEASE, PLEASE Do not remove. It is used by the private XEP


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Plugins use groups to set entitlements for users and create collections of users for various purposes. Some of these purposes require a distinction between users with default permissions/entitlements and users with elevated permissions. The group admin feature allows us to do that.

Removing it could break many production applications currently running in financial institutions globally that use openfire as the engine for their telecoms

Thanks for chiming in. We had no pressing need to remove this code, but were curious how it was being used outside of Ignite’s codebase as we still haven’t found a usage within Ignite’s Openfire nor plugins.