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Few questions about spark

hello everyone! i just installed openfire server on FreeBSD, as a client i chose spark and i have some questions:

1)i’m using IM gateway(ICQ) and i have some troubles with spam(as a authorization requests), some people get like 1 request per 5 minutes, can i disable it in spark or with some plugin on server?

2)on the site there is .exe and .msi versions of spark client - if i install .msi version i can’t make Pc to Pc calling, i have jingle client installed as my plugin but there is no option in menu to make a call, if i install .exe version it’s ok and i can phone. How to fix it?

3)this question is not about spark but mayber any1 can answer: is developers planing to make NTLM authentification in FreeBSD openfire version(as i understand there is in windows version)?

P.S. sorry for my english