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Field "pubsub#persist_items" gets set to false


We have an OF server version 4.6.7 and we use OMEMO for peer-to-peer communication. The client uses SMACK implementation which is almost unchanged from the official source code and the OF server has all settings configured as close to the official guides as I could find.

I would like to ask for help as I cannot find any information on what possibly can cause the following malfunction:

The user logs in and the PubSub node with the device list gets published as well as the ID of the current device. They can start messaging and everything works fine but after 15-20 minutes of idling the user stops receiving messages but still can send successfully.

When I check the OF GUI I can see that the user’s personal event page shows that no items are left and if I check the configuration of the nodes (device list for example) the “Persist items to storage” setting is set to 0.

We definitely do not force this setting and I could not track any preset or logic that can lead to the source of the problem.

N.B. - If I check the DB the items and device ids are not presented there.

Thank you!