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File not found by glob: nativeAuth/linux-i386/*

While building an RPM of OpenFire Trunk on CentOS 5.5 with the JPackage repositories added and ant 1.7.1 installed, I encounter this error.

[rpm] error: File not found by glob: /home/Michael.Jones/OpenFire/work/rpm/BUILD/openfire-root/opt/openfire/resource s/nativeAuth/linux-i386/*

Commenting out the following three lines in build/rpm/openfire.spec

%dir %{homedir}/resources/nativeAuth
%dir %{homedir}/resources/nativeAuth/linux-i386

Allows the RPM to build successfully with no apartent loss of functionality in the installed server.

I’m not an expert on RPM. Are these lines needed for some required functionality? What might cause them to cause an error?