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File Transfer Button does not work correctly!

I am hoping that this bug will be an easy and quick fix… I am running openfire 3.3.0 and a mix of spark 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 beta 1 clients… The problem exists on both clients… When I right click on a user and select “send a file” or while in a chat window if I click on “send files to this user” button… NOTHING HAPPENS!! Now I will finish with the important details… dragging a file to a person in the list or a chat works fine, but clicking on those options mentioned above does NOT open up the “select file(s) to send” box for us… I know what the problem IS, but how to fix it?? On a “NORMAL” installation spark is installed into C:\Program Files\Spark, and the config files goes into the C:\Documents and Settings(username here)\Spark…BUT in a corporate or educational (as I am) environment, many good admins use roaming profiles, or Folder Redirection to have the clients My Documents folder and Desktop folders redirected to a location NOT ON the local machine , BUT on a server elsewhere in the network, so their files follow them wherever they go, lowering network overhead… If you install Spark onto a machine in a Domain with for example Folder Redirection enabled, then instead of the Spark config folder installing into C:\Documents and Settings(username here)\Spark, it INSTEAD installs to
SM-Data-Server\Redirected\Ted Miller\Spark… and inside the Ted Miller folder is "My Documents, Desktop, And Spark… So wherever Ted Miller logs in at in the district his customized spark follows him… That is where the problem is… When Ted Miller logs into a machine and uses his spark client, all is OK, UNTIL he tries to click on 1 of the 2 buttons mentioned at the top of this post… what then happens is I believe spark is trying to open up c:\ on the server, which would NEVER be shared on the network, so when it cannot open the c:\ on the server it just seems to do NOTHING… like you never even clicked anything… On a local install when you click to transfer a file it opens up to the root of your c drive… This is a MAJOR bug in my opinion, but I am hoping it will be easily remedied… I have lots of users that love the program, but I don’'t want to have to try to teach everyone how to locate their files in a separate window then drag them to initiate a file transfer… I will end up with people dragging their files all over the place… Whatever mechanism that spark is using to determine where to put the spark config folder on install is probably the same one used to try to open up the location to select files… It needs to be HARD CODED into spark maybe to open up the LOCAL drive on the LOCAL machine when looking to transfer files… I previously have talked to Derek about the install part which is only a small problem… can this be looked at??




This issue is addressed here: SPARK-743.

You can also add a system property user.home to your own home directory.

  1. Open the file c:\Program Files\Spark\bin\startup.bat (or .sh for linux)

  2. After java add: -Duser.home=YourPath.

For example:

java -Duser.home=c:\myPrograms\ -Dappdir=… -cp … (etc.)

Let me know if it works properly.



Are you saying I SHOULD have a startup.bat file in there in my windows installation?? I don’'t see that file in any 1 of 5 different machines I looked at… or are you saying that I need to make a file called startup.bat with those values, and place it there?? you also said “You can also add a system property user.home to your own home directory.” so are you saying to make a file “user.home” with some value inside it, and place it somewhere on the client?? Please elaborate… Thanks for any help you may offer!!


Hi Scott,

The created issue is to solve problem completely.

As a workaround you may use the user.home property in a startup.bat file.

Sorry, now I realized that not every Spark version includes the .bat file. Anyway the content of the startup.bat file is:

java -Duser.home=YourUserHomeDirectory -Dappdir=.. -cp ../lib/windows/jmf.jar;../lib/startup.jar;../lib/windows/jdic.jar;../resources;../lib/windows; org.jivesoftware.launcher.Startup

You should locate it in c:\Program Files\Spark\bin\

This is a workaround that can be useful in some circumstances. I hope it helps.



I sent you a PM…