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File transfer from Spark IM to Gtalk - not working

Hi All,

I am new to Spark and open fire and would like to use them.

I have installed Spark and openfire latest versions but faced one issue … I logged in to my google account from Spark and tried to transfter file to other google account but it did not work…

Can you please guide me that do I need to do any configurations or any other thing so that it works…

Please help me.

Thanks & Regards,


Gtalk is using xmpp, but it is a modified xmpp version and it probably won’t work this way. We can only make file transfers work in a standard xmpp environment with a standard xmpp server like Openfire being used. It can’t be made that file transfers would work between Spark and other networks like Gtalk, Yahoo, ICQ, etc.

Btw, how exactly did you login into Gtalk account. Directly via Spark login screen or via Kraken XMPP Gateway or Spectrum plugins?

Hi Wroot,

Thanks for your prompt response.

I used Kraken XMPP Gateway to login into gtalk account.

Thanks & Regards,


Well, this is even more complex to make file transfers work in such scenario. I think even talking to other xmpp account via gateway won’t allow file transfers.

Ohh… … File transfer is one of my requirements in my project…

Actually, Using Spark and Openfire I need to achieve few requirements. like, I need to have my own domain ( My company’s domain) and through that I have to login into Spark. And from there I have to have few external domains which should be available for chat. (like Gtlk, Yahoo ec…). For this I used Karken plugin to access these external domains.

Through this plugin, I am able to login into Gtalk/Yahoo and also am able to chat with other Gtalk/Yahoo users.

Other then this File Transfer is also one of my need. Thus can you please guide me that how can I achieve this.

Thanks & Regards,


There is another gateway plugin - Spectrum, though i’m not sure it supports file transfers. You can ask on this thread http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/46580

But it is only in development and installation is very complex.