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File transfer happens only once

I’'m running spark_1_1_3.exe on two windows machines and

jabberd 1.4 on two Linux FC2 hosts. Chat messaging works

fine. However, I can get file transfer to occur only once.

The strange part is the 1st one seems to contain an error,

yet that once succeeds. In looking at the xml, here is what

seems to happen (contents are approximate important stuff):

Good transfer:


and the file transfer completes as desired.

The second time I try to transfer a file (using the

same session), the xml looks like this:

and the sending side does not respond.

Q1) Why did the 1st time work, even with the error=406?

Q2) Why did the 2nd time, without the error, fail?

I want to use spark for the in-band transfer, if I can get it to




you may disable the proxy service and if you have WinXP with an enable firewall you may have a good chance the Spark chooses IBB in-band file transfer. The transfer will take about 10 seconds to start but it should run fine.

Alex is the file transfer expert, for me it looks like IBB is used also for the first transfer looking at:


More data: It seems to be in error when I try to send the file ‘‘the other way’’.

That is, sending a file from station A to station B can occur lots of times.

It is after that, when I try to send from B to A that the error occurs.

In fact, I can get it to work by doing this:

send file from A to B

send file from A to B

send file from A to B

A logs out, and logs back in

send file from B to A

Does this help?

Hey Wendell,

Could you post the complete packets from both exchanges per chance? It is not possible from the information you provided for me to discern what is going wrong with the second transfer. The error in the first transfer is the recipient of the file transfer notifying the sender that they cannot make a direct tcp link to them. The initiator then knows to begin the file transfer via IBB, the fall-back mechanism. So, it really isn’'t a failure of the file transfer its a failure in one of the steps of the negotiation process.



Ok, the trace from one side of the transfer is at


I can post the logs from the other side if that will help.

BTW, the jabber servers are communicating through a udp-to-tcp gateway (which I

wrote). I don’‘t think that that is fouling anything up, but I’'m not positive. Chat/IM

messages always work.

I can safely say I have not seen that before. user9 is confirming to user6 that they have successfully connected to them. It appears as though everything has negotiated correctly. Do you see any errors in your Spark log file? My next step would to probably look at ethereal for that port on user6 and see the tcp traffic that is occuring.


Ok, I collected all tcpdump logs and the spark logs. They are at


The readme indicates what happened when. I hope this helps.

Thanks again,