File transfer improvements?


Considering that file transfer in 2.5.8 was/is still kind of an adventure: Will we see significant improvements in 2.6.0 (rc2) ?

I confess I did not look through the 250+ jira tickets for an answer first.



Then try RC2 for yourself

I can’t say there were lots of improvements, but some file transfer tickets were closed. Report your issues.

What issues did you experience with file transfer?

I started testing rc2 and the file transfer is much faster.

My first test with rc1, I was only able to tranfer at a few KB\sec, in rc2 its now MB/sec.


We never got 2.5.8 to sucessfully transferred any file bigger than a few hundred kB.

It also had the bad habbit wanting to store the received file in

c:/program files/spark/… which obviously does not work when the logged in use is not an admin as

normal users dont have any write access to c:/program files/… afaik.

So maybe it should default to c:/my documents/ or so…


Saving path has been changed in SPARK-1208 So it should save files in user’s Downloads folder. That’s with the new profile i suppose. If you had it pointing to some other place, it will retain old settings.

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Where can I find this rc 2, and how can I implement it?

I’m still having problems for file transfer on openfire

I’m using openfire 3.71 and spark 2.6.3

Thank you very much

Use a nightly. The path was posted as answer to your cross post.

Hi there,

I have (had) a similiar problem, but I was using Jitsi (as client).

The file-transfer-Speed was at it’s best arrount 17KB/s. The same file, sent with Spark (v2.6.3), was transfered with about 700KB/s.

This solved the transfer-speed problem I’ve had with external clients, but between clients in the same network it’s still horrible slow (Gigabit-Connection between the clients).