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File transfer in group chat with XMPP

I am using group chat with openfire (MUC).

i can able to send messages but how to send file to group with Smack library.

i can able to send file to single user but i don’t know how to send file to group chat (MUC) so all users in room will receive that file.

someone told me that use XEP-0066: Out of Band Data but he didn’t told me how can use this.

Please Help.

Please do not 1. double post and 2. spam the issue tracker with requests in comments.

AFAIK, it’s not possible and there’s not even a good concept in XMPP.

With XEP-0066 you would upload the file somewhere to an external File/HTTP Server and then send the URL of the file to the MUC room. Each MUC occupant could then download the file.

But it’s of course a different approach as opposed to the “file streaming” in 1-to-1 file transfers.

Thank you for your replay.

could you please give me a simple article or something useful for this issue.