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File transfer monitor / log


I’m trying to configure Openfire (3.9.3) to monitor file sending between users. I know that files are sending p2p so i can’t examine files, but I’d like to just know the fact that it was send (date and filename would be great). I couldn’t find any plugin with such functionality. The only one i found allows me to disable file sending for every user (Client Control - Disable file transfer). Thus I thing that initial packets are send from client to server just to initalize further p2p communication. I was looking in log files, debug files etc. but found nothing.

Could anyone help me and point me where to look for such informations?

Wow! that’s true that when you post a question you’ll find an answer in few minutes

I’ve enabled Server -> Server Settings -> Message audit policy: Audit IQ Packets. And that’s it.

Even more, according to this post: https://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-2171 i could even disable file sending for some people by dropping their IQ packets. I just wonder what other functionalities I could loose dropping those packets. I don’t know XMPP enough, but I think that those IQ packets must be important for… video communication establishing? What else?