File Transfer not working in LAN, when VPN enabled


I have issue in File Transfer between smack clients in LAN network.

When i do file transfer with company internal ip, everything works fine. Once the VPN established with other network in the same machine, file transfer not working. when see the smack debug window it try to send to the VPN allocated ip address(it is allocated by other network router dynamically while establish VPN connection), not to the internal ip address of the machine.

It looks, The other hosts in the companies network cannot send file any host by its vpn ip (since that is private) and the VPN hosts cannot send file to any company internal ip (since that is private too).

We have 3 network connections: LAN, WAN. VPN

So i need help how to configure it in smack/openfire?. Is there any property in Openfire? or any priority i need set for LAN/WAN/VPN networks?

Thanks a lot in Advance

After removed, proxy configuration in Openfire, it is working fine. But why it is not working with filetransfer proxy?