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File transfer problem in exodus client

i am using exodus version

the error was unable to connect to file transfer proxies; unable to connect to file transfer proxies or sender

I am using Jive Messenger 2.1.5 as server;

what setting is required?

Whether i should set on the client or server side?


It realized file transfer for exodus , Jive messenger is not support to file transfer ,but not affect file transfer.

that means it is not possible to tranfer files with this version of server and with this client exodus?

so to make it(i need to transfer files!) possible, i need to go for some other server?


file transfer mode :

1\ client to client

2\ client to server to client

exodus support 1 , so that file transfer for exodus no problem !


upgrade your Exodus to and check firewall settings. Because client-2-client file transfer should work with any server, and it works while using Jive Messenger as server for messaging.

thanks for the suggestions and am downloading it now and will be working on it!