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File Transfer Proxy Settings

How do I use File Transfer Proxy Settings feature of Wildfire? I’‘m using Wildfire 3.1.1 va Gaim 1.5. I can’'t send file. Please help me how to config to use “send file” feature.

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is this really a Wildfire issue or do you want some help to configure Gaim? Some users in this forum may have a lot of experience with Gaim, but it’'s the wrong place to post this question.


Hi, all

I need to learn about File Transfer Proxy function of Wildfire. As you know, Wildfire permits you to configure File Transfer Proxy on 7777 port but I can’'t use this function. Please help me.

When I use file transfer by peer-to-peer (not through File Transfer Proxy) I realized that my users stay behind a filewall will error.

can I log all information about transfer file?


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