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File Transfer Support in Smack?

Hi I was wondering if you guys have any immediate plans to implement XMPP file transfer over the Smack API. If not, of course I can roll my own. :-p But it’‘d save a good week or 2’'s development time if you guys were close.

Thanks, ~ John


We’'d like to add file transfer now that some of the protocols for it are settling down a bit. However, there are no immediate plans to work on it. If you do end up working on it and are willing to contribute the code back, that would be great.



I’'m very interested. I need file transfer in my application. Someone can help me? Or can i help someone

in this file-sharing project with Smack?


I would like to know which JEP is being supported - JEP-0066 or JEP-0096?


any news ?