File Transfer & Voice Chat

how can i include file transfer & voice chat with XIFF api

File transfer has not been implemented yet.

I have read a few other posts about people working on it, but I haven’t seen the code yet.

As far as voice chat, you could do what I have done and setup a chat room with XIFF and then enable a streaming server (like red5 or fms) to manage the voice or video of the occupants of the room.

I wrote a JingleExtension to manage initiating and responding to the requests for voice chat.

I haven’t included it in the source yet, because it’s not a complete Jingle solution, but it does work for what I needed.

If people are interested, I will look into including it in the source and can be updated by others if they need more complete support.

Thanx alot for this info Mark…

I am also working on File Transfer…

Will share as it completes…

can the file transfer be like i will upload the file to openfire Server

and pass the file location via chat message to other user

then he downloads it from there by clicking the link in chatwindow

No that’s not true file transfer.

If you are working on true support, you would need to follow this spec:

that is how it is implemented in MUC right?


How similiar is what you did to this RTMP transport for Jingle proposal?

Mine follows XEP-0166 for handling initiating and responding to requests to connect with each other for voice chat.

But it does not include any information on the streaming server in the packets, that’s all handled on the client side.

Hi Dele & Mark

U people seems to be long associated with this project…

I have decided to use Redfire plugin/Flex for implementing Voice chat.

I have prepared an SQL file that will help in authenticating from another table in Openfire

I want to dedicatedly work on XIFF and SparkWeb to include new features

If any of u can please help in implementing Search feature with XIFF (SearchExtension etc) i want to search users based on name that are there in Openfire

This function is not working in the SparkWeb that i integrated with latest XIFF API…the UserSearch is not working coz of unable to handle Callback Funtion of IQ Stanza

pls help in this…i will keep posting my code here…


Can we have a look of what you have done so far, can you please commit it in?

I know, this question has been asked by many users already, but what is the current state of file transfer in XIFF?

I read many users here tried to implement it by themselves but obviously didn’t succeed yet.

Does anybody know, if it is technically possible at all? Does it involve Adobe’s RTMFP in order to work?

Can someone hint, how it could be done in general or why it couldn’t have been done yet?