File transfer works only on localhost


if i use two clients, (the sender is written by me, while the receiver is (written by) opensource client gajim) connected on the same machine and the server in another one in LAN, file transfer works well, but if I use two clients in the same LAN, but on a different machine, doesn’t work… the transfer remains in process, but nothing happens: no error on the two clients(with transfer proxy on port: )

This is the log before accepting the file transfer:

This is the log after accepting:

This is the log of debug:

If I disable the transfer proxy on port 7777 the transfer fail immediately

This is the code:

This is the log on openfire before accepting the file transfer(with proxy disable):

This is the log after accepting(with proxy disable):

The server openfire works well, infact with two client gajim works well in both the two case: proxy enabled and disabled.