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File Transfer

I have been able to get the Spark client to transfer files just fine. But the client does not have online notification that pops up. I chose to use Soapbox client instead. The only problem is that I can’'t get the file transfer to work. This might be a client issue and not a wildfire one. But what other clients are there that support wildfire and have online notification popups?

Also needs to support file transfer. Thanks

What do you mean by “Online Notification Popups”?

Hi Kev,

I didn’‘t even install the “Spark Word” SparkPlug, it offers popup notifications. I’'m not sure if one can configure it to popup for incoming file transfers, but maybe one can extend it to do this.


Online popups. When one of your contacts logs in you are notified by a popup. The soapbox client does this.

I don’‘t care so much for the file transfer popups, just the online popups. I see they have a sound wav for when a user goes offline but nothing for when a user comes online. Wouldn’'t mind a sound and a popup for this. There is a plugin for the message popup but nothing for a user coming online.