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File transfers with jabber from behind an iptables natting firewall

Hey folks, Ive been running openfire for quite a while… Its become a VERY nice application. thank you very much!

my only problem is trying to transfer files to/from people who are on opposite sides of my firewall. My openfire server is running on this same server thats running my iptables firewall. Im doing the ip masquerading/PAT on my outside ip address.

I believe that the file transfers work fine for 2 clients who are outside of the firewall. But if I try to do a transfer across the firewall, it never works… Ive tried opening up tcp/udp port 7777 and specifying the file transfer proxy, but that never seems to work either… Is there some other issue with trying to do file transfers across a natting firewall?

I have searched the server logs after many attempts, and never see any clues as to why the file transfer fails.