Files required for MAC Version

Could anybody please help me?

I have build the spark source code and create an installation file for MAC. But the spark was just started in the background and get closed on mac. no sign.

I have built it on WINDOW pc. I personally did not check that on mac. I just handed over the mac installable to my freind. Could anybody please point out a specific area, plugins which I should check. In apple plugins two classes shows error on importing reference. Is this a error , and how can I fix this. where can i find the classes for*

I want to build spark to run on MAC OS.

Thank you. (3352 Bytes)
fastpath.jar (417023 Bytes)

To create a Mac installer I see that our build environment is running ant clean jar installer.mac. If you are having errors after it was successfully built then I would recommend looking at the log files to see what is going on.

– Gato