Files to override for custom User management / Sessions

Hey guys,

I just want to be 100% sure on the classes I will have to override.

Our current system has a VERY similar setup to how Jive was coded in regards to user management.

I’'m just curious, but to implement our own User management (login / logout / session control ) are these the classes to override, and am I missing any?

(note that for user authentication, we will have the code simply call our own inhouse class which will call the inhouse tables we use to store user name / passw )







UserCollection (not sure what this class does just yet…)



In our scenario, we would like the client application to ONLY display the company and the sales person which is online… ie: “JiveSoftware - Matt” should we override any classes in Roster, to only return this? or on the client side, simply request or display necessary info? (this part is still hazy at the moment… )

Thanks guys! :smiley: