FileTransfer in a component

Good afternoon,

First of all thx in advance to all the ppl of this community. Is the first time i write a question but your conversations had been a great source of info.

I need to create a component for OpenFire and the theory of the use of Whack is understood. Now the problem is that this component need to be able to accept files from Clients and im unable to figure how to do it.

A better explanation, for a proof of concept, i used Smack and created a Bot Client running in the server, when it receive a kind of message prepare itself to receive a file with the FileTransferManager of smack and save it in the server. This approach works fine and was easy to implement, but now i need to setup that in a production enviroment, so the use of a component instead of a bot is more efficient(multi-thread, server managed queue…)

I readed a lot of Whack and Tinder and i found some info about use of Smack in the Components programing, but im completly lost with the implementation of the SI Filetransfer.

is possible to implement SI Filetransfer in a component?Any document?

Kind regards

Hi I am also interested in file transfer (XEP-0096). Can you let me know how you managed to do it (if at all) in Whack?