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FileTransfer to a plugin/component

Hello everybody,

I am currently developing a couple of plugins for our openfire-based chatting solution.

I now have to develop a plugin (Component) that accepts any FileTransfer from a client and then stores the file locally.

Once the file is on the server the users need to be able to request the list of files that are associated to a MUC (Files are uploaded with a couple of metadata to assicoated them to a specific MUC).

Now the user must be able to request one of the files stored on the server and should then receive this file.

I can actually accept a file by using simple Stanzas…but the file is never saved anywhere and I did not yet find any good tutorials that deal with FileTransfer.

I assume I have to use the FileTransferManager and FileTransfer class located in the org.jivesoftware.openfire package, right?

Or do I have to use smack classes?

I hope somebody can help me out here.

Thanks in advance