Filter duplicate search results


as the internal search does not work good (default: last 90 days, and no option to select “all” - so all documents are likely never found) I usually use Google with “” to search for documents here. That works fine. But also the “View as PDF” versions are found, this is a little bit annoying. Not sure if this is a great feature of if you would like to disable this with a /robots.txt file with:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /*?pdf=true$

(reference: )


I’ve changed the search from 90 days to 1 year, which should help.

I have already complained about search. I saw someone today complaining about it too. Making the default 1 years won’t help much as it throws a lot of results which points to the same thread. Clearspace programmers should fix that, not Dawn Btw, where is 2.0?

The problem is that search engine is searching in every message’s title too. And in one thread usually all replies have the same title as the first one. So if i search for a “skin” i get 13 results pointing to one thread, every result to different message in that thread. I hope in 2.0 this will be fixed. It should search in first message title and then only in message bodies.