Filter File Transfer

Hi all

I need ACLs to dis/allow file transfer to users. Is there a way to create a rule to deny file transfer?

Thanks in advance

upgrade to the latest version of the openfire server, and install the client control plugin. Then disable the file transfers.

But that disables file transfer for ALL users. I want to implement a selective file transfer authorization (per user). Also tried FileTransferDisabler beta plugin, but also globally disables the feature (and I wasn’t able to find the source code to develope this functionallity).


Hi there,

I asked around on this and it seems that file transfer in xmpp is a difficult thing to block. I think there are 3 or 4 XEPS dealing file transfer and some of them don’t involve the server (p2p type transfers). If you wanted to use the packet filter to do this your best bet would be to create a new rule that looks for any packets that could be file transfer negotiation or transfer and drop them. Currently the filter doesn’t do this level of introspection but it should be pretty easy to write.



I was able to block file transfer to particular users by filtering Iq messages.

Unfortunately, this also appears to block FastPath and probably some other things I don’t want to block.

Any other ideas?

Yeah, disallowing IQ packets will cause a bunch of things to stop working. I’m afraid that currently the packet filter isn’t fine grained enough to filter on a packet type and it’s attributes. This would be needed to disallow file transfers from going through the server. Even if that were done there is a XEP that allows for out of band file transfers so it might still be possible for clients to transfer files.

The only option I can really think of would be to write another plugin that rejects file transfers. I know someone had done this previously. If you search around you might be able to find it.