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Filtering Groups in Open Directory?

I am working to integrate Openfire with our Lion OD, and am working to filter users and groups so that only users with a specific attribute are added, and only certain groups are used for organizing users in Openfire.

My LDAP connection is working with a simple Base DN of dc=server,dc=domain,dc=com

Admin DN is uid=adminuser,dc=server,dc=domain,dc=com

My User filter works great. It is


BUT, I can’t craft the appropriate Group filter to get just the groups I want. Since I understand that nested groups aren’t allowed with LDAP, I’ve added the “Keyword” attribute to the groups I want to use, with a value of “jabber”.

I’m hoping someone here can guide me on how to create a filter that will work. My test filter, based on the pattern I used for user filtering is

(&(ou={0}(apple-keyword=)) but I’ve also tried (&(cn={0}(apple-keyword=)), and (&(cn={groups}(apple-keyword=*))

Any help is appreciated.


Jon Taylor