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Find Contact in Spark Messenger


I am facing issue to search contact in spark messenger. I can search added contact by ctrl + f key. I want search window inside the messenger window not a separate window.

Currently I am using jitsi messenger and it have search feature in side messenger window.

I want to use spark messenger and because of this small issue I am unable to use.

Please help me to resolve the issue.



It doesn’t sound like that critical. But if it does, then use Jitsi. Spark already has a Search field inside the roster to search for new users. Adding additional search field will confuse users (which one to use for what?). Using Ctrl-F is quite natural (after instructing your users) and it also works in the chat window. Though i have found that users don’t like using search buttons anyway. They are just scrolling the list and searching the user manually usually.

There was a suggestion at some point to combine the existing Search field to filter the current users and do a search for new users if nothing is found. But that can be tricky to implement right, so it won’t create more problems. And Spark doesn’t have competent developers to implement that.

There was an old ticket, which i have modified and added my thoughts. There are some drawbacks i think [SPARK-1005] Use Search field for both filtering current user and starting a new user search - IgniteRealtime JIRA