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Fine tunning the Openfire

I would like to fine tune the Openfire server to support 5,000 concurrent users with frequent broadcasting message to all of them via broadcast plugin. Is there any recommended parameters, like number of database connections, cache setting, system properties, etc.? For connection manager, any recommended parameters for number of connections and thread per connection?

In addition, I experience the following issues.

  1. While a broadcasting message to 5,000 users via broadcast plugin, all other chatting will hold up till broadcast plugin finished the job.
  2. I tried to separate the broadcasting activity to another machine with connection manager. Yes, the problem seem to be solved. However, another issue incurred. The connection manager did not response to any additional login after couple of broadcasting message had been sent.

Anybody can help.

Looks like you need to modify the broadcast plugin and throttle the message broadcast loop to sleep for a while after each message sent in order for Openfire to route other messages.